Tim (hokelore) wrote,


This morning, as I do every Halloween, I played Tam Lin. It's the only trad song I know that mentions Halloween, plus it's pretty damn spooky. Now I admit that I play a strange version of it. I sing it and play banjo. Think Fairport Convention get really drunk at Dock Boggs' house (not unreasonable; I believe Dock Boogs was a bootlegger at one point in his life). I use a weird tuning on the banjo -- I took on e of Dock Boggs' tunings, and dropped the thumb string's F# a half-step. Dock would have left that major third drone in the minor tune, but then he didn't hit that thumb string very much. anyway, it's more or less the Fairport arrangement, forced onto a century-plus-old banjo in a weird tuning. I do this every year.

This evening, I walked The Boy around the neighborhood as he extorted candy. The girlchild went with some friends. And look, whoever it is that designs girls' Halloween costumes, I'm looking for you and you are dead meat when I find you. A 13 year old girl should not wear tops that low-cut or skirts that short. Honestly, I nearly had a seizure!
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