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Falling apart, I guess

I went to the doctor the other day. My annual please renew my meds visits. I had run out, and really needed the Nexium because I reflux heavily. I also take a statin because I have a lipid profile that would kill a rhino. He renewed my meds, plus sent me home with some other scrips and referrals that I ignored, as always. He's decided that this cough I always have is asthma*. He also sent along a finger stick blood sugar checker. Whatever. Today, I came home to find a voice message from the doctor, please call us. Lipids are higher than ever, and he's putting me on a different, presumably stronger statin, and admonished me to take 3 fish oil capsules dailey, plus something about ground flax seed. Also he's called in orders for metformin and something else; apparently I'm diabetic. Shit. I want to ask, what next? only I'm afraid I'll find out.

When did all this happen?

*I can't hear the word asthma without think of Ralph from Lord of the Flies, who called it ass-mar. "Sucks to your ass-mar!"
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