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Well, I haven't been on LJ in quite a while. I'm not sure who is still around here, but I know that in the past, there were a number of you who were regular GenCon attendees. I've attended the past two years, mainly because I got a free pass to help promote the local ren faire.

If any of you are still around here, and are going this year, I need to pimp my band. The Saturday evening of GenCon, Red Rum will be doing a show at 7 PM, in one of the rooms in the Crown Plaza. Six bucks gets you into two hours of pirate-themed music and comedy. I'll be there with mandola, fiddle, and maybe a guitar. The other two members will be playing 12-string guitar and autoharp, plus we pass a bodhran around. Traditional, parodies and at least one original. Check out our CD and hopefully our shot glasses will be ready by then, too.
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