Tim (hokelore) wrote,

Dinner at the new Burmese place (food p0rn)

We decided that tonight was a good time to go for an early birthday dinner, as the day of my birthday is going to be pretty busy. I was clueless as to where to pick for dinner, when my wife suggested a new Asian place that we knew was going in next to the Cajun place. Well, I'd been curious about the place, and knew little about it. Signs in the windows mentioned sushi and also pho, so it already seemed like an odd combination.

Now, a little background: On my end of town, there have recently been a huge influx of Chin immigrants. They're fleeing Burma, where they are apparently undesirables, and Burma is a place where being undesirable can be fatal. Anyway, for some reason, many of them chose to settle on the south side of Indianapols, enough that you can actually view the Perry Township Schools web site in Chin. Their presence bothers some, but not me. From what I've seen, they're good, honest people, trying make a living.

Recently, I've said several times that I wished some Chin family would decide to open a restaurant. They have, and I just ate there. What I had was there house special soup, which was a pho, so strictly speaking was Vietnamese rather than Chin. Couldn't help it; when I read the description, I knew what I was having. A big-ass bowl of rice noodles, with beef brisket, thin slices of eye of round thrown in raw and cooked by the heat of the broth, beef tendon, tripe (yes, I like tripe, and tendon, also), bean sprouts, lemongrass, little lime wedges...I could only eat about half. I'll have to go back and try one of the curries, though, because I do like curry.

I wished the waitress and her family much success in their business venture.
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