Tim (hokelore) wrote,

an afternoon of recreational violence

I went to a seminar today on Filipino and Indonesian martial arts. An old guro of mine was teaching it. Turns out only two people attended. Good in some ways, because I got more time with the maha guro, bad in that because there were just two people to teach, he taught a lot of complicated stuff. A bigger crowd would have necessitated simpler material. I got four hours of stick, double stick, stick and knife, and my favorite, flexible weapons. We spent nearly half the time on sarong fighting. Leave it to the Indonesians to figure out a way to turn clothing into weapons. From the sarong work, I have fabric burns, swelling and deep tissue pain in my right elbow and both forearms, and a fabric burn on my neck (Guro Bruce got me in a choke hold). Oh, I took a few stick hits across the knuckles too.

Now, some six hours later: Oww. Just owww! That is all.
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