Tim (hokelore) wrote,

Most parents would have hired a clown

I just got home from one of the stranger gigs I've done. I played at a little kid's birthday party, in full fig Ren garb. They tracked me down via the local Ren Faire. At first, I thought it was an adult's birthday, and they just liked this sort of music. Then I found out it was for a kid. I don't do any children's music per se, although my act is family friendly. I was assured not to worry. I quoted a price and they took it.

So I went there today, got lost, first thing. She had neglected to tell me that it was a gated community, and that gatehouse looked someone's house, plus there was no street sign, so I drove past a few times before I saw the (smallish) sign. Then I had to actually get in. I went to the house with all the cars in front. Turns out it was a knights and princesses theme. There was a pony ride, a castle bounce house, foam swords and chain-mail tshirts for the boys, and tiaras and necklaces for the girls. Some of the girls had foam swords as well. So I played background music for 2 hours, fiddle for the outdoor part, and octave mandolin indoors during dinner.

It was a pretty easy gig, but I still think they should have hired a clown. Too bad I can't juggle.
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