Tim (hokelore) wrote,

Blood on the fiddle

I think it's a title waiting to be used; now I just have to figure out for what.

It started with a quick Facebook entry where I used the phrase. Sunday, I had a(nother) little kitchen mishap. All I can say is the Cutco makes really good knives; lately I've gotten several minor cuts, and my son has even needed sutures thanks to these blades. Then again, if someone ever breaks into my house while I'm in the kitchen, there will nothing left of them but scarlet shreds. Anyway, I got cut this time on my left index, alongside the nail. I've been playing fiddle a lot lately. Now, admittedly, my fiddle playing is no great shakes, but I have the local ren faire coming up, and I always end up playing a fair amount of fiddle at that. So I need the practice. Well, this cut keeps breaking opening when I do. Result: Blood on the Fiddle.

I'd call it a sacrifice to the fiddle spirits if I thought that improve my playing.

I think the name needs to be put to use, though. A tune? Contra dance? Your thoughts on that, friends?
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