Tim (hokelore) wrote,

Coming off of a strange weekend

Friday night, I caught a performance by Canconier, as part of summer's Early Music series. The program was titled "Music From The Time of Vlad Dracula." How often do you get a chance to hear something like that? Early music, Balkan tunes, and a couple of dynamic readings by Tim Rayborn from some German guy's contemporary accounts of Vlad. Apparently, it's now believed that the impaling stories and related were actually propaganda by Vlad's enemies, but that he still was not a nice guy.

Saturday, we were going to Lafayette to my cousin's wedding. As we neared town, interstate traffic stopped. A big wreck had blocked northbound 65, and all of the traffic was diverted. There was a lot of traffic to divert. It took us over an hour to reach the exit. We talked my sister on her cell, and heard the piper playing the pre-ceremony music. No time to check in at the hotel and get dressed. We drove straight to the hall, and I changed in the parking lot. This is acceptable behavior at Ren Faires, which where I got the idea. In a city's historic district, well, I'm just glad that no one called the police. I did catch the tail end of the ceremony.
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