Tim (hokelore) wrote,


I've been in southwest Florida for the past few days, mostly visiting my sister, who lives in Naples these days. Long story. Anyway, we drove into the Everglades today. The rest of the family wasn't so excited, but I love the Everglades. Next time we come down, I insist on a day in the Everglades BY MYSELF. It's not been the best vacation, and I'd really like to twist my daughter's neck shut. She's on the downhill side of twelve, and become difficult to live with, and damn near impossible to travel with.

But the Everglades. I had a great time gator spotting today. I'll walk up to within six feet of the canal banks and photograph them, while my family cowers in the rentacar. Wrong time of year for manatees, and the elusive Florida panther is nocturnal. Too bad, because I'd like to see a panther, and also a wild hog. Oh yeah, and the (probably fictional) Skunk Ape, too.
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