Tim (hokelore) wrote,

Learning to adjust

I started some classes last week for newly diagnosed diabetics. I've been to two of five; one more this coming week, and two the week after. I've learned how to use the finger-sticker and now check my sugars twice daily, although I'm still kind of vague on the numbers and what I'm supposed to do. I've been placed on a 1900 calorie diet. So I'm hungry (I used to eat a LOT, apparently a symptom of diabetes), even though I'm pretty sure I'm exceeding my allotted intake. All the same, it's been five days, and I've lost five pounds already. I had also stepped up my activity; mostly lightish weights -- I got these Powerblock dumbells for Christmas, adjustable 5-50 pounds each -- but also I've been using Indian clubs and occasionally there's that Walk Away The Pounds video. I see a specialist in a couple of weeks, the day of the last class, as it worked out. I'm hoping I can reduce my medications, and maybe eventually stop them completely.

My outlook fluctuates almost hourly, but at this moment, I'm feeling positive. I'll stop now, before it changes.
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